Neil and Noelia biked the Southern Pyrenees route.

First though we have to say that it was excellent and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Noelia even came back from work the other day and said she wanted to jump on a bike and go cycling! Neil is eyeing up a new bike so we’ll soon have 2 bikes :-)
– In general, all good.
– The food in Hostal Cal Franciscó (Gosol) could be improved as it was a bit salty, greasy and was not fresh and basically came from a factory. Others were fine. Casa Duaner in Guardiola was very good food wise as everything was homemade & fresh.
– On the whole, great!
– Majority were super easy to follow on Komoot or Garmin GPS, just a couple of small problems.
– It was awesome that you took into account Noelia’s abilities and modified the route accordingly.
– It was also awesome that you took into account that we were arriving by car and not the train in Ripoll.
– Also great that you took us on a detour to see the textile area.
– If possible, including more options for stops / refreshments i.e. bars, cafes etc. would be great (though we realize it’s obviously not always feasible to do so).
– Great for Noelia as she had no problems and was comfortable after the first day. Was easy to use / ride.
Many thanks Pär, we hope to repeat something similar next year!”

Anna, Kenneth, Helene and Lars biked the 3 Countries route, starting from Andorra.


This is the 4th(!) trip we do with Pär and the first one we do to his home mountains! Knowing his passion for the mountains and biking we let him choose the route for us.

We got picked up with a mini-van from the airport and driven straight to our hotel in Andorra where we slept the first night. The day after Pär arrived with a trailer loaded with the bikes and we drove up to almost 2000 meters altitude to start the biking.

The biking was more challenging and fun than we expected – these new full suspension ebikes are amazing! It would be impossible for a normal person to do these tours without them. We really liked the mix between mountain experience and passing through 1000 year old villages. The center of Bellver de Cerdanya for example holds so much history! The roman baths of Dorres was a nice bonus. The hotels and the food was good. 

Let’s hope we can bike together again!