Biking by nature has certain risks – it is a sport where your own judgement and alertness directly affects your safety.

First of all – always use a helmet and follow traffic regulations!

You are responsible for the way you ride and the condition of your bicycle. Sometimes during our tours you are riding bad gravel roads that can be wet and muddy or dry and slippery. There will be loose rock and unexpected objects on the road. The weather can also turn to the worse and you can have rain and bad visibility. In all of these cases you must ride with caution. You must also bring proper clothing and be aware that you are in the mountains, this is not a controlled environment.

We can not be held responsible for possible injuries to you during the tour due to a fall, failure to follow road regulations, drinking too much alcohol, breaking of something on the bike and other unforeseen circumstances. During some of the tours you are without mobile coverage and medical assistance can be hours away.

You also will meet a lot of animals on our tours, mostly cows and horses but also dogs guarding sheep and goats. Please maintain the distance to these animals, they are not used to be close to humans on a daily basis.

To sum it up: Use common sense and caution at all times. And if you are in doubt, please choose the safe option.

If you are interested in a safer tour, please consider contracting a guide for your complete tour.

Also know that you can always call us: +34649105141


All our tours require an OK physique and we highly recommend that you try to go biking as much as possible before coming on one of our tours. Not only will you be able to do more biking and see more of our beautiful landscape but you will also be riding in a safer way.

Read more about the Difficulty of our tours.


All our tours are self-guided by default. This means that you will have to carefully follow our instructions and learn how to navigate with the GPS we provide you with or use your own navigation device. You will also have to remember to properly charge the GPS after every days riding.

If you feel insecure about your navigational skills – don’t worry, we can provide you with a certified guide to join you during the tour! Read more about this option.