Make your tour more relaxing, educational, safe and fun by contracting one of our guide to join you for your complete tour!

Our mountain-bike tours do include a guide the first day to help you get started with the bikes, the GPS and to introduce you to the area. This is enough for many of our clients.

If you instead are looking for a more exclusive experience, making sure you get the most out of your days here, biking with our guide the whole tour is a great addition! You will see even more beautiful hidden gems, that hidden waterfall or old church, and you will be sure not to miss the best little restaurant in that cute mountain village.

Price: 275 € extra per day.

Example: If your tour is 5 days, the guide the 1st day is included. The total cost for a fully guided tour then comes to 4 days * 275 € = 1100 €.