A self guided tour is a tour where you yourself take responsibility of navigation, of how fast you go, what time you start in the morning, you yourself book dinner restaurants and a lot more. At the same time, you know that the route is professionally designed, safe and is guaranteed to bring you to beautiful landscapes and villages.  If there is a major problem you also always have the support from our team by phone or WhatsApp.

For us it is very important that you have as good an experience as possible. That is the reason why we include* that one include that one of our guides join you for a few hours during the first day. The guide will help you setup your bikes and then shows you how they work. He will also show you how the GPS works, it is fairly simple (see our video). If you have your own GPS we will send you the tracks so you can have it prepared before arriving.

He also gives you a roadbook with information and maps for each day of biking.

* Please note that the Mountain to Sea Touring-route does not include a first day with guide or a GPS. This tour is very easy to navigate so it is simply not necessary.